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Cost of Notary Public

April 26, 2023
By singaporenotary
The fees associated with Notary Public services in Singapore are set by the Notaries Public Rules. This basically means they are statutory rates for various Notarial services and discounts and waivers are not possible. There may be some price differences offered on the following areas:
  • Some vendors may be required to charge GST, we do not charge GST which may make our quote cheaper than others.
  • If you require additional services such as translation, on-site notarisation, document collection & delivery. Different vendors will quote different prices for such services.
The statutory rates are shown below:
ServiceStatutory Fee
Witnessing execution by one person on each document$40
Witnessing execution by Company (inc. Notarial Certificate)$150
Witnessing execution by a second person on the same document$20
Witnessing execution by each additional person on the same document$10
Witnessing execution by one person on each document$40
For each exhibit marked on or attached to such Statutory Declaration, Affidavit or Document$10
Certifying as true copy for each document$10
Certifying as true copy for each additional page$5
Each Notarial Certificate$75
SAL authentication fee (per Notarial Certificate)$80*
It can be confusing to determine what you require and the end cost but if you reach out to us with your requirements we can guide you through the process and provide an accurate quote before you decide whether to head down.

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