Our Notary Public Services

We provide a full range of Notarial services in Singapore, including but not limited to:
Witnessing and attesting the signing of documents.
Certifying documents as original and true copies.
Translation of documents
Legalisation of documents at China, Vietnam and other embassies.
We provide additional services for your added convenience, but please do get in touch to get a formal quote.
Doorstep collection of original documents for certification of true copies.
Video witnessing or signing, followed by doorstep collection of original documents.
Courier delivery of notarised documents.
Notary Public stamp

Notary Public Fees

Fees for Notarial services in Singapore are set by the Notaries Public Rules. Offering discounts and waivers is not possible. Below are the statutory rates for various Notarial services. We do not charge GST, some other providers may.

It is advisable to contact us to outline your requirements to get an accurate quote.

Service Statutory Fee
Witnessing execution by one person on each document $40
Witnessing execution by Company (inc. Notarial Certificate) $150
Witnessing execution by a second person on the same document $20
Witnessing execution by each additional person on the same document $10
Witnessing execution by one person on each document $40
For each exhibit marked on or attached to such Statutory Declaration, Affidavit or Document $10
Certifying as true copy for each document $10
Certifying as true copy for each additional page $5
Each Notarial Certificate $75
SAL authentication fee (per Notarial Certificate) $80*
* Please note that SAL will also charge GST at 9%

Notarial Process & Timelines

Notarisation, is the process of a Notary Public affixing their signature and official seal to a document. This can be done to certify the signing of a document in their presence or to verify a fact or thing of which the Notary Public has certain knowledge of.

Generally speaking, documents that are to be used or submitted outside of Singapore will need to be notarised, whilst documents to be used within Singapore may only require a Commissioner for Oaths.

The individual or group of individuals signing the document(s) must present a valid ID such that the Notary Public can verify your identity. It is important also that you don’t sign the document in advance – it should be signed in the presence of the Notary Public.

By law, a Notary Public must also issue a Notarial Certificate for every document they attest to or certify as a true copy. For certified copies, more than one document can be bundled to one Notarial Certificate, and thus the total number of Notarial Certificates required will depend on the party where the documents are to be submitted. For witnessing of documents (but not certifying of copies) please note that Under Rule 8 of the Notaries Public Rules (Cap 208, R1), EACH document has be attached to a separate Notarial Certificate.

Please contact us to confirm the requirements.

Each Notarial Certificate costs $75, and it is mandatory since 1st October 2019 that every Notarial Certificate be authenticated at the Singapore Academy of Law. This authentication fee is $87.20 inclusive of GST. This means the total fee for each Notarial Certificate issued will be $162.20.

To provide a practical example, lets assume you need to certify a copy of a single page document such as your passport biodata. The fees would breakdown as follows:

Chargeable items Fee
Certify one page of your passport as a true copy $10
Issue of Notarial certificate $75
Authentication of Notarial Certificate by Singapore Academy of Law $87.20
Total cost payable $172.20
Mandatory authentication of every Notarial Certificate is done by bringing the physical Notarial Certificate to the Singapore Law Academy offices. We will do this on your behalf and it is included in the fees quoted. The average processing time is usually 1-2 working days. If you require more urgent processing then you may contact us and we will do our best to try and assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make an appointment?
Yes please. To ensure our Notary Public is available, its best to get in touch ahead of time and advise on your requirements so we can schedule the time accordingly.
How much will it cost?
This is entirely dependent on your requirements. We recommend getting in touch so we can provide you with a quote.
Do you offer door step collection?
Yes we do. Please get in touch to get a quote.
Are you able offer Notary services on a Saturday?
Yes, we may be able to facilitate, but please do get in touch beforehand to discuss your requirements.
For certifying true copies, what do I need to bring?
You only need to bring the original documents that are to be certified.

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